It is difficult to deal with a narcissist when you are a grown, independent, fully functioning adult. The children of narcissists have an especially difficult burden, for they lack the knowledge, power, and resources to deal with their narcissistic parents without becoming their victims. Whether cast into the role of Scapegoat or Golden Child, the Narcissist's Child never truly receives that to which all children are entitled: a parent's unconditional love. Start by reading the 46 memories--it all began there.

Who's Who

You may find this helpful, especially when reading the 46 memories:

Alvin: my brother-in-law, Charlie’s narcissistic younger brother
Annie: my daughter, born in 1965
Auntie Bea: Charlie’s aunt, his late father’s sister
Big Tiny: my boyfriend before I married James; Brendan's father
Brendan: my youngest child (born 1973)
Brother/Petey: my Golden Child/Narcissistic younger brother
Charlie: my late husband (died 2000)
Eddie: my father
Frank: my final stepfather
Georgia: my malignant narcissistic mother
Grammi: Georgia, to her grandchildren
Grandma (Pansy) Janssen: Eddie’s mother
Grandpa: Georgia’s father
Grandpa Janssen: Eddie’s father
Jack: Annie’s second husband (divorced in 2011)
Jake/Jakie: my son, born in 1966
James: my malignant narcissistic ex-husband (divorced 1986)
Janey B: across-the-street neighbour girl
Janey K: two doors down neighbour girl
Maman: my mother-in-law, Charlie’s narcissistic mother
Melinda: GCBro;s wife
Miss Connie: the school nurse from grades 1 - 12
Nana: Georgia’s mother
Patsy: my stepmother
Uncle Gary: Georgia's older brother
Uncle Pete: Georgia’s beloved younger brother