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Friday, December 12, 2014

Update on the Facebook Group

After a rocky start, the group is up.

Some things I have discovered:

1. Facebook will not allow me to add you directly to the group if you are not on my friend's list.

2. Not everybody's profile has a button on it that allows me to ask to be added as a friend.

3. I can invite anybody via email, friend or not.

Soooo...I must have your email address to add you to the group.

Privacy and confidentiality issues:
Please do not leave your email address in the comments section below because anybody in the whole wide world who reads this blog will be able to see it. Instead, scroll down a little further and use the email form. This will send a private email to me. If you are concerned about privacy in your own home or on your computer then, as soon as you send the email to me, delete it from your sent folder and empty your trash.

Those of you who requested to join the group by sending me an email, you have either been invited to the group or you have been already added (I was able to add only two of the nine who requested...the rest of you got invitation emails). If you try to access the secret group and you can't get in and you didn't receive an email, get in touch with me ASAP and I will get back to working on a fix.

You are such a great bunch, I have high hopes for this group. I am not going to be fussy about off-topic threads but I am going to ask you not to hijack each other's threads to the greatest degree possible. To date you've done a wonderful job of supporting each other on the cumbersome format of the blog comments, so I am hoping the more user-friendly Facebook format will help that along.

Let's get the bugs ironed out and have a great group for all us to start the New Year with!

Hugs to all of you


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  1. Love your blog! Count me in...just sent email address to you and thank you so much for all the info you provide here. I've referenced your page (and provided link back) several times these past few months on my own blog. You rock!!


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