It is difficult to deal with a narcissist when you are a grown, independent, fully functioning adult. The children of narcissists have an especially difficult burden, for they lack the knowledge, power, and resources to deal with their narcissistic parents without becoming their victims. Whether cast into the role of Scapegoat or Golden Child, the Narcissist's Child never truly receives that to which all children are entitled: a parent's unconditional love. Start by reading the 46 memories--it all began there.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

We Have A Facebook Group!

If you are a reader of this blog then this group is for you!

This secret group, named The Narcissist's Child, is specifically for the readers of this blog, although others who have similar experiences will be welcome as well. Admission can be obtained by contacting me through the email form at the bottom of the page blog, or through a request made to me by a member of the group. You must include your Facebook name and the reason you want to join the group in your email or I cannot process it.

What does "secret group" mean?  It means that nobody can find the group on Facebook unless they are already a member. The "search" feature on Facebook will not find us. Nobody can read what you write except other members...outsiders cannot even find out you are a member of the group. By emailing me with your wish to join, you are further protected from prying eyes...send me the email, then delete it from your "sent" file and nobody needs to know.

There is a feeder group called "Narcissist's Child" (notice the word "The" is missing) which can be found via a search. It is a closed group intended strictly as a way for people to find us and request admission to the group. Nobody can post on the closed group site but me, and it instructs people to email me to request admission. When you request membership, you will be enrolled in the secret group, not the closed one.

Is the group safe? The group is monitored and those who engage in harassing or otherwise offensive behaviour towards a group member may have their membership revoked without prior warning. This policy is not open to debate and designed to keep the group a safe place for sharing feelings: no narcs, trolls or flying monkeys allowed. And while I will do my best to prevent narcissists and flying monkeys from getting into the group, no screening process is perfect and some may slip past my radar. If someone is behaving offensively, please bring it to my attention immediately and I will take care of it. And if you have a stalker, flying monkey, or narcissist who you do not wish in the group, email or PM me with the Facebook name of that person and I will not admit the person to the group.

The goal of the group is to provide a safe place for like-minded people to congregate, meet each other, tell their stories, and provide support to each other. I will use the group as a place to notify you of new posts on the blog and you may use the group as a place to discuss, expand upon, or ask questions about the posts, as well as the discussion of other relevant topics. The group is actually for you, but I will monitor it to make sure balance and order are kept.

Group members are encouraged to both reach out for support and to provide it to others. I have a zero tolerance policy for harassment, offensiveness, and for personal attack, so if you are being targeted inside the group, please call it to my attention and point out the post to me. If someone from the group is harassing you via Private Message, please copy and paste the offensive material into an email and send it to me. I promise it will not go unaddressed (but bear in mind that I am in South Africa, so my time zone is quite different from most of you!).

Welcome to The Narcissist’s Child, Facebook Edition!

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